Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Home on the Range!

That is the plan for tomorrow!!!

The surgeon came in this morning and said that if Sirri would eat better today and drink at least 3 oz. every two hours, then we could go home! 

Well, all it took was someone saying the "H" word and Sirri was on it! She has eaten so well today. Still not like her regular diet but much better. 

She has had a good day today. She's ridden the trike around the halls, played in the playroom, gone downstairs with me for lunch and even went outside for the first time in ten days. (Isn't that so sad?) She wore herself right completely out!   

We have the specialized scan in the morning. They ran some contrast into her IV this afternoon that  will attach to any neuroblastoma cells that might be in Sirri's body and will light up in the scan. Ever since Sirri was a baby we have called her our "glow worm" because she had to come home with a bili blanket due to her jaundice. She was the cutest little thing glowing all greenish blue, but tomorrow is one day that I really hope she won't glow like a bug! I'm really anxious about getting this scan done. I just hope that it turns out as well and glow free as the doctors are anticipating. I'm really glad that we get to have this scan though. How many people get to have a full body scan of their child? What a great feeling it will be to leave  here tomorrow knowing that her whole body is cancer free. I'd kinda like to bring in our other kids for the scan too. And me, and Kendon, and my parents, and sisters, and while we're at it, a few neighbor kids too!  

So, pray for us tonight. Pray for NOTHING. That's what we're aiming for!

And hopefully next time I sit down to write a will be from the comfort of my own home!!!!




Christie said...

Fingers crossed for a big nothing!

I am so grateful your pediatrician caught this. Hang in there!

Kim said...

WE LOVE YOU SIRRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!! I am behind on posts...I hope you get to go home and nothing is glowing in your sweet little glow worm, Sirri!