Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Check Check

Go to the park to enjoy beautiful weather....check!

A little park conversation:

Jaci: "How are you today Sirri?"
Sirri: "I'm sick today."(which she wasn't.)
Jaci: "You are sick?"
Sirri: "Yeah, I have a bad fever because my grandpa died and I miss him."

Put together and take treats to some friends who might need a little boost today...check check!

I think they turned out pretty cute too!


katri said...

really cute. a very sweet (pun kinda intended! :) treat.

Laurel said...

What a great day. Park and treats? That is it: I am giving you the mothering gold star today! You are inspiring me.

And by the way: I love the Iz version of Over the Rainbow. Thanks.

Grandma W. said...

Hi Honey! That is so cute - what Sirri said. I'm sure she knows which Grandpa beings you took her up to the hospital to see him. Isn't it amazing what comes our of little ones mouths?
Your treats for your friends are darling! You are something else!!!
And, I love you!!

Celia Fae said...

Aw. Isn't it great when kids can verbalize how we really feel? Makes you want to bottle them.

I admire how you serve others during your difficulties. I would have to eat those treats myself.

Ellie said...

Can I be sick too? Sniffle sniffle? Please send treats.