Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wintertime Blues

Our cold season is sneaking upon us. Okay, so truth be told...it is here. Sigh. I am never quite ready for it.

I'm a much better mom in the summer. We play outside all day. Spend more time at the park then we do at home. Eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies, and snow cones. Make cucumber boats, go to the range, feed the ducks, plant a garden, eat corn on the cob, play in the sprinklers, get great suntans (if you're Connor and Meg.) And did I mention, play play play?

And then the cold front hits and I do not know what to do with these children of mine. I have a tough time being inside so long. For one, I see all the things that should/could be done and then ignore my kids to do them. And then, rather then so many fruits and veggies we tend to eat things like this:And rather than play, play, play and have a great time, my kids get naughty, naughty, naughty.

Friday we made picture frames with tongue depressors and the kids had a great time. So did their mom in fact. I guess in the winter time it is all about planning and following through with fun activities. Fun doesn't just find us, we have to find it.

So, I have seen some blogs that each Monday they post their menus for the week, sometimes the over achievers even post the recipes. So, I decided that on Mondays I am going to post my recipes for a fun filled week. I am going to attempt to come up with a few things that I can do with my kiddos each day to ensure lots more fun and a lot less fuss! Some days we will do crafts or activities, some days it may be as simple as taking the time to look at their scrapbooks together. But at least everyday it will be something!

One thing that I am happy about and looking forward to...Soup Season! We ate this taco soup for dinner last night and it made everyone's tummy warm and happy. And it may just promote a little of THIS!

So, I have already missed posting all our fun for this week on Monday so I'll do it today.

Go to the park (It's a beautiful day and we MUST take advantage of it!)
Make yummy treat plates to take to some friends. Inspired HERE.

Play Don't Eat Pete
Jump on the tramp together. (it's supposed to be nice still. Let's hope so!)

Paint finger nails. (Connor's will probably get painted too! Sorry Kendon. It's wintertime. We'll just do his toes. He wears tennis shoes. No one will ever know! Wanna read something funny? Go HERE.)

And then I must pack. Back to Boise I go. At least this time I get to go alone. I'm hoping. If I can get it all worked out. Wish me luck. Cross your fingers. Say a prayer!

Kids will go to Gma and Gpa Jensen's.


jessica said...

I love your idea about making plans every week. I'm going to have to do that. Or maybe I'll just copy your weekly ideas and then I don't have to plan at all...because your exactly right, if you don't make plans in the winter then you just don't do anything!

Laurel said...

I love your idea of planning a fun activity every day. You keep it up and you may win the supermom award! And I may have to follow suit.

Now here in AZ, it's just getting to the point where we can go outside during the day--without being wet of course. For someone who grew up in Wyoming, our seasons here seem really bizarre.

Celia Fae said...

Looks like Friday is going to be the best day! I am impressed by your dedication to finding enriching activities.

My kids take a little time to adjust to playing inside, but eventually they catch on again.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

We are totally in the same situation--just add not having a car! Let's exchange ideas for the kiddos. A fun book is: Mommy's Rainy Day Survival Guide. It looks homemade (typos and everything), but you can find it at amazon.com or probably the lib. I love it! As soon as we get our lib back (Oct 24--two weeks from tomorrow!), that will be one of the first ones we check out.
ps-Today we painted with pudding. fun, fun!

Paige said...

You can jump on the trampoline and not pee your pants? That's the most impressive part about your post today! Why can't they play outside? That's what jackets are for!

Lisa-Marie said...


My kids can play outside all they want. BUT have you ever been to Rexburg in the winter? I'm just getting geared up!!!

Grandma W. said...
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Grandma W. said...

Aha, I finally have it so I can post my comments again! Thanks to you my Dear!! Honey, don't worry about not going outside all the time, because the kids will soon get back into the groove of staying in the house and doing thier playing. They are getting to the age where they will make up things to do together and will be delighted when you do take them out! Little Meg will be right in on it very soon!! You are a planner from the way backs!! I wish you were here to plan my meals! I know - there are just two of us!! So glad you are coming back to Boise by yourself! It will be much easier for you!!
See you soon!
We love you!