Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Let's Have a Potty Party!

It is so past time to be potty training Connor Man. So here we go....

It's a Potty Party!
With Party hats and everything!

Sirri and Brooke threw Connor's diapers away for him. I couldn't get him to do it himself. I'm not sure if they have sentimental value for him or if he was just too excited to get to the treats!
By the way, the diapers were secure in a plastic bag to be fished out of the garbage later. Meg is still in diapers and those things aren't cheap you know! Sneaky huh?

And a party isn't complete without cupcakes. Fresh from Walmart of course!!! Connor was really proud to be able to pass them out to everyone.

Gee whiz! From the looks of this "sentimental" shot you would think that I was sending him off to college or something! Though this moment is just as big...maybe bigger!
Isn't his little bum bum bum cute in the Diego undies he chose?

Yeah! Connor went Potty in the toilet five times and gets a treat!
I am quite amazed that this little guy can go potty on demand just so he can get a treat.

So far Connor has done great. He stayed dry through his nap yesterday and today and even through the night last night! Yippee!

He was unsure of this whole process once last night. He was going to bed and needed his nightly cup of water by his crib. I told him that he couldn't have water at night any more because he was a big boy. His response, "I don't want to be a big boy anymore!"

There's no turning back now! Yikes!


Phillip and Kirsten said...

what a great idea! maybe i should do that with lydia--she's great during the day but still is in a diaper at night. i love that i can get excited about potty training!

Paige said...

I need to know how old he is because I am having potty envy. We have to give up the pacifier this weekend because she turned 2 in June and it's so time, but next stop is potty training. I love diapers. It's just so easy. I don't want to spend my life in public restrooms again.

Grandma W. said...

What a big boy you are Connor! You will love wearing big boy shorts every day! And, I know your Mama will really love it! How fun it is to get treats when you have been so good and go in the potty!!
Keep up the good work! We are proud of you!
Papa and Grandma

Celia Fae said...

Oh, you are a brave soul. I dread the day I have to train again. A mom can only spray a kid's bum with the hose so many times before Child Services shows up.

Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

Grandma is so proud of you Connor! I knew you could do it. You are a big boy! Love you so much!