Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm So Sorry I Spoiled Your Breakfast

Yesterday before heading home from Boise my Pappa and Grandma Weldon took my sisters and I out for breakfast. I had a great omelette, hash browns, and sour dough toast. My grandma was proud of me for my choice in toast. We used to complain about her sour dough pancakes as kids. I'm really growing up!!!

Breakfast was good and the company was better. It was a lovely time for everyone, except the old man sitting at the table behind us. I think I ruined his breakfast.

Picture this: Old man, long grungy hair, dirty baseball cap, few teeth, faded red and blue plaid shirt, dirt colored blue jeans . You get the picture, I am sure.

And now here is our conversation as I was walking out of the restaurant:Old Man: Excuse me.
Me: Yes?
Old Man: Would you like my daughter's phone number? She is a hairdresser. You would have to go to California.
Me: That is okay. I get my hair done in Rexburg.
Old Man: Well, I don't like it.
Me: That's okay,I do.
Old Man: Were you drunk when you did it? You look like a crazy lady!

No hard feelings. I'm still laughing!


Denae said...

WOW the things people say!!! I'm so glad you're laughing about it. I have no idea what I would have done! I think you're hair is cute and if that style looked good on me I would try it because I bet it is super easy to do right?

Celia Fae said...

Your hair is your signature. When I talk about you, I describe your picture and they always know who I am referring to.

Awesome story, though. Weren't you kind of glad to tell it?

Bridget said...

People say the strangest things. At least its good blogging material though, no? I admire anyone who can pull off short funky hair. I like it.

btw, my dad and grandfather are named Weldon. I have NEVER met another. What a coincidence.

Penelope Crackers said...

That is too funny. At least he didn't try to pick up on you. That would have been much worse I think. :) hahaha. I'm going to enjoy thinking of this story all day now.

Penelope Crackers said...

I was just realizing that you said you were in Boise. So were we last weekend. Man alive we should have hooked up. Keep me posted when you head that way again. Christmas?

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

NOOOOOO. The only reason someone like that is still around is because they're so mean and nasty that god doesn't want them walking around telling people off in heaven (or hell). Yikes!

Grandma W. said...

Hi Honey! Well, beings I was there, I can still laugh about it because you took it right in your stride! If I had a cute face like you do, I would wear mine just like yours! It is so cute on you!!
Like your Mom said, he couldn't have picked on a better person to take it!!! So right!!
We love you! And, breakfast was fun anyway!! That old boy is always there and I bet they get a bit fed up with him sometimes!!!

Nortorious said...

What a jerk! Someone did that to me in church once, in front of the whole class. Next time, kick em in the shins.

Paige said...

I hope you gave him the number of your dentist in return.

Laurel said...

Get Out!!! That is laugh out loud funny. Who made him hair god for the day?

You know I had my hair very similar to yours for the last 7 years and I loved it. But here's my funny story. I was staying overnight at my aunt's house and after getting ready in the morning I went out to help her with breakfast. I said, "Okay, what can I do to help?" Her response: "Oh, that's okay dear, don't you want to finish your hair?"

You just can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

are you kidding me? i LOVE your hair! what an awful comment! besides, your cute hair inspires me to cut mine way short--as soon as i get the guts!

Mom/Grandma Bigelow said...

I think the ol boy needs glasses because you are darling! Thanks so much for being here to support your Dad and Grandma!

A special thanks for you girls and Rich for cleaning the house and changing the beds! That is my favorite story to tell this week!

I love you so much! Mom

Talz said...

Hi, my names Talia. I came upon your blog (from another friends blog), which I love to read! I hope you don't mind! Anyways, I, like that grumpy 'ole mans daughter, am a hairstylist, and I have to say I LOVE your hair! It's funky, flattering, and easy! (my hair is short too!) I think someone needs to remind that man of the golden rule! If you've got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all! Or maybe something about those you live in glass houses shoudn't throw stones. Way to go for not taking it personal!

Grandma W. said...

Boy, It is fun to see you girls all gang up on the old fellow.
We see him most times we are there for breakfast & he is just a loud
mouth man who has something to say
to someone every day. I wish Lisa
Marie had gotten on his case a little, but she is too much of a LADY. I'm using Grandma's name on
this because I don't have an account.
Love You Honey, Pappa

Eli & Angela said...

That's classic really. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I love your hair like it is. The time savings alone makes me tempted to cut my mine. Not everyone can pull off a short haircut; you and April both have the features for it. Maybe after #3 I'll get the courage to try it. We'll see.

Sunny said...

You rock that hair! I'm growing mine, but seeing yours makes me want to wack it all off again. Oh, by the way, I'm visiting from Karalenn's blog.

gab said...

hello...thanks for finding me! your hair is adorable...love both the cut and color. grumpy old men...gotta love 'em (or not)!

Laurie said...

Oh no! People amaze me at how rude they can be. I think your hair rocks! I love how sassy and fun it is.

Life on the Edge said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe the nerve of some people! I've finally found someone who can cut my hair...two years after moving here...if someone said a comment like that I'd be so bummed out!

Or if I was quick witted, I would have said...does she do yours?

Patty said...

Once again you've made my ENTIRE day Lisa Marie! Keep that adorable hair style ... It's YOU ... Don't EVER change and PLEASE ... don't ever stop writing your blog ... I LOVE IT and all you adorable Jensens! xoxox