Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Special Delivery

Dear Grandma,

Keep an eye on your mail box for the next few days. My mommy is sending me special delivery. That is, if the UPS man will deliver babies. She decided this in a moment of sheer exhaustion after getting up with me SIX times last night. Since I slept so peacefully through the night the whole time I was at your house last week, she thinks maybe I like it there better. Or maybe I was just being a show off and wanted you all to think that I am a perfect baby. (Though I am practically perfect in every way most of the time.) At any rate, I'll be there soon. How much do you think a package like me will cost? My mom thinks that she will look into sending me "collect!"

I love you and miss you!

Baby Meg


Anonymous said...

You go ahead and send her collect Lisa . . . I'll pay whatever it takes! I'm just not sure how long I would hold up though! That old saying "you are supposed to have your babies while you are young", I certainly agree with.

I sure wish you could just drop thoise kiddos off on a Friday night!!! We sure loved having you here and you are darn near perfect little Meg! Grandma loves all of you sooooooooooo much. I miss you already!!! xoxoxo Grandma B.

P.S. I'm sure sorry that we did not get the kiddos pictures taken while you were here. Our week certainly didn't turn out like we had planned, did it??? Just keeping praying for Grandpa! I know that he knew you were all here and that had to give him some comfort. How blessed you girls are to have had all your grandparents all these years!!!!

Celia Fae said...

Nothing makes me more humble than a little sleep deprivation. I hope she and the benedryl sleep through the night tonight.

Grandma W. said...

You just go ahead and send little Meg, Lisa! Collect or however!! I will keep her when your Mom can't do it! She is such a little doll and so darned good! I am sure it must be her teeth that are bothering her right now! Must be something like that because she is so sweet all the time! By the way, I know the Good Lord meant for us to have babies (all little children) when we are young!!! I think I used to be like you! But, not any more! I have GREAT admiration for these grandparents who have to raise thier little grandchildren!!!

Kim said...

I told you I would have taken her and mom could have brought her back in November! :) Bet you wish you had taken me up on my offer now don't you!?! I love you Meggers...you're the best baby next to Snap that is. :) XOXOXO