Saturday, October 6, 2007


Last time I tempted you with these.

Maybe this time I could persuade you to come see me with......

Yea, I figured that if the éclairs didn't work, then snow probably wouldn't either!

But maybe two cute snow babies would work?!?!?

Who knew that fall pumpkins NOT Christmas trees would be the backdrop for some of the white stuff?


Paige said...

I'm assuming you are in Idaho or UT due to the hideous white stuff, but the two little snow bunnies look delicious! And you deserve those potty training treats. Make sure he watches you eat them as you go on the potty.

Dille Family said...

I actually may come your direction one of these days and visit my sis. I'll let you know...however, my memories of Rexburg are frozen nostrils and eyelashes. Hearing you got snow doesn't surprise me!

Kim said...

the snow works for me but the snowbunnies work even better...wish i were there!!!

Celia Fae said...

How are you going to potty train with all of those snow clothes? Do they come with pull ups? I'm glad you have a postive snow attitude.

Grandma W. said...

We will take the snow bunnies! You never know when we will be able to be up that way and of course, we will stop! Hope we don't get too old too soon!!!!
We love you!